In short, some of the main services and activities of PROALPIS are:

  1. Mechanical inspection, cleaning and removal of compromised parts of brick, concrete, stone, wooden and metal structures and facades at industrial or civil facilities.

  2. Painting with facade paints (phasagen) with hand tools or via machines. Painting with combined acrylic paints to protect metal surfaces

  3. Cleaning of glass and other facades and windows with environmentally friendly detergents

  4. Installation and deinstsllation of air conditioning and external ventilation systems

  5. Design, manufacturing and installation of metal structures for advertising and decorative purposes. Maintenance (assembly and disassembly) of advertising materials (vinyl canvases, foils and volumetric letters) to already constructed structures

For the full range and scope of our PROALPIS services, or for more specific inquiries, please contact us directly for more detailed information